Friday, June 08, 2012

Thursday, June 07, 2012

A little catch up

The site has gone live and after lots of tweaking I think I've finally worked out all the bugs! Many thanks to Chris at Aeolidia for his hard work with the coding. I also gave my lab meeting in May, which was the first one I had given in 5 months, and so a considerable amount of stress was associated with May. But, projects in the lab are going well, two students are coming to work with me in the next few months, and I'm really psyched about one of my projects. :)

After lab meeting and site launch, it happened that I had a vacation planned for May 19th. I bought the tickets last July during a massive sale, and the dates just worked out perfectly! We lazed on Surin Beach near Phuket, and it was a perfect time to recharge...

Sorry, I'm reading Sookie Stackhouse! I, er..., had already finished reading my more intellectual books...;) Got to catch up for the upcoming seasons of True Blood, you know.

Our hotel overlooking Surin Beach was so lovely! There is a tub on the left that we spent some time lazing around in as well.

Actually, this wasn't our first beach vacation in May... we were visiting my husband's uncle in China (my first time there!) and it happened to be his girlfriend's birthday that weekend, so he flew us all to Sanya for a beach getaway.... it was really nice to meet his uncle and he proposed while we were there!  

We could get into the private beach of Banyan Tree by buying some food and drink there... totally worth it!

Now, back to reality... no vacations planned until September when we go back to Chile... unless maybe there is another massive sale on air tickets...?

sherry xo

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

New pequitobun site is LIVE!!

A big thank you to Sarah and Chris at Aeolidia for their hard work in making this beautiful new site come to live!!!

Please stop by and have a peek! :)

Friday, April 27, 2012

Almost here: Brand new site!

For the past two months the folks at Aeolidia have been hard at work designing a brand new site for pequitobun! I love the new look, and am so looking forward to unveiling it (just a few more days!!).

There will be new designs on top of the new look, but not only that, I am also excited about the new features that I hope will make shopping a better experience.

My favourite new feature is a new rewards program that will give customers pqCarats or reward dollars to use in their next purchase! (Carats a play on carrots, which my bunnies pequito and pumita love hoho).

Also, categories will be sortable by price or date added, and you can also zoom in on images to see the details. Lastly, PayPal will be a payment option for greater security.

I am almost done with testing on the site. Can't wait!!!
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