Friday, October 28, 2011


As some of you might know, I named my jewelry line after my sweet holland lop bunny, pequito. A year ago, we decided to get pequito a companion, because we felt bad that we spent such long hours at work, and spent some time looking for another holland lop girlfriend for him (we read that bunnies of opposite sexes usually get along better than those of the same sex).

Since I haven't blogged for so long (more than a year until recently!), I haven't yet introduced you to Espumita! (It means Little Bubble; Pumita or Pumi for short, like Pequi is short for Pequito- Little Freckle):


She actually hasn't yet fully lopped both years, and maybe she never will, which is actually really adorable! When she is very relaxed (which is rarely, she is much more skittish that Pequi who will sit on your lap to be cuddled for hours), both her ears will be lopped, and when she is very nervous, both ears will be up, but most of the time she looks like this, one up and and one down!

She also loves to squeeze herself into tight places (and yes, I love chick flicks):

Here is one of them cuddling:

I think that Pequi is very happy to have a partner in crime!

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