Saturday, April 10, 2010

bunnies on the mind

When we move, we plan to build a bunny condo for pequito.

With the extra space, we've been seriously considering getting a playmate for pequito as well. If we do, I definitely want to get another holland lop, they're just the cuddliest and most interactive, in my opinion. I've been looking at local options here in Singapore, and reading up a little about coat colors, and boy, is there a mind-boggling array of colour options (kind of cool how bunny coat colors occur, from the point of view of a geneticist).

Because pequito is all black, I think it would be kinda awesome to get an all white bun. Wondering if we might be able to find a blue-eyed white here?

Sorry to be so politically incorrect and picking buns based on cuteness and coat colour! But, to be sure, we love and cuddle pequito so much because he's just so freaking adorable!!

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