Friday, April 09, 2010

Amazing lofts for the lucky few

Having recently bought our first place, I've been doing lots of research on Singapore housing. Singapore has a reputation for being rather authoritarian and big government, but I must say this might have its perks with regards to housing. Singapore public housing mainly takes the form of towering blocks of flats (HBD, or Housing Development Board flats), is built and sold by the government, and a large majority of our population live in these flats.

First, as a caveat, property prices have been skyrocketing, so these flats are not as affordable as they were, say 15 years ago. But, still, these probably run about half to a third of the price compared to an identical property built by a private developer. Also, not all flats are as pretty as these. All that aside however, it's still pretty astonishing that this is government housing!

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As icing on the cake, these will be built in a really great location very near downtown. However, there is a very long queue, including balloting and lottery, for these flats. Apparently the odds of getting one are pretty miniscule. (Not to mention, this being government housing, there are many rules as to who is eligible to buy one, e.g. no foreigners, no singles under 35, and income ceilings, etc).

On a side note, the walls in those are such a lovely shade of grey! I've also been contemplating using shades of grey for my new home. Perhaps an icy blue-grey for the window drapings for the living room, like this top?

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