Saturday, February 13, 2010

pequitobun on the Urban Outfitters blog!!

I know, I've been AWOL for so long, I need to do some sort of walk of shame.

I've had a couple of big changes in 2009 and pequitobun has had to take a back seat to my postdoc duties, pet moving, settling in, homebuying, etc.

Just popping to share something so exciting... pequitobun jewelry was featured on the Urban Outfitters blog this week!!!! I used to spend SO MUCH time in that store (and my little sister lives for it), so it's quite a feather in my cap =).

The aphrodite necklace that Kara is wearing is still available in the store!

Happy Chinese New Year!!! It's been sweet to be back in Singapore for the festivities. It just feels totally different when the whole country takes 4 days off to celebrate.

Hoping to get a whole day to make some new designs this long weekend... wonder if I'll get to it? so inspired and i miss it all!!

sherry xx
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