Thursday, July 30, 2009

pequitobun on Gossip Girl, again!

I've been so caught up with everything, I hadn't yet blogged about our most recent Gossip Girl feature! As you might remember, our preppy necklace was featured on Jenny early on last season. In the season finale "The Goodbye", Gossip Girl wardrobe designers again pick pequitobun jewelry, adorning Jenny in our Crown Jewels necklace in the final ball scene!

I apologise for the poor quality of the video, I literally recorded it off my computer screen...haha... anyways, I love Taylor's entire ensemble, and how the necklace just gives it a touch of edgy colour.

See the Crown Jewels here!

Anyways, I had sent the Gossip Girl wardrobe folks a bunch of samples, but they kept a couple for a longer time, one of which was Crown Jewels. I know they probably tried on a couple on the actresses, because they came back unclasped. Want to know which others they liked? :


pink carousel

marie antoinette- curtsey

I would have loved to see the curtsey earrings on Blair!



Anjali said...

Ha, I knew it! When I watched that scene I paused the TV and I was like, "that necklace is *totally* one of Sherry's!" I was very excited for you :)

And I've totally been meaning to buy something from you forever (lately I have been spending all my money on dresses and rent, sigh). The Victoria has definitely been on my wishlist...I hope they use it!

Sherry said...

thanks anjali!

i totally empathise about spending priorities... looking for a place to rent now myself and there honestly doesn't seem to be a recession!

thanks for stopping in! =)


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