Thursday, July 30, 2009

pequitobun on Gossip Girl, again!

I've been so caught up with everything, I hadn't yet blogged about our most recent Gossip Girl feature! As you might remember, our preppy necklace was featured on Jenny early on last season. In the season finale "The Goodbye", Gossip Girl wardrobe designers again pick pequitobun jewelry, adorning Jenny in our Crown Jewels necklace in the final ball scene!

I apologise for the poor quality of the video, I literally recorded it off my computer screen...haha... anyways, I love Taylor's entire ensemble, and how the necklace just gives it a touch of edgy colour.

See the Crown Jewels here!

Anyways, I had sent the Gossip Girl wardrobe folks a bunch of samples, but they kept a couple for a longer time, one of which was Crown Jewels. I know they probably tried on a couple on the actresses, because they came back unclasped. Want to know which others they liked? :


pink carousel

marie antoinette- curtsey

I would have loved to see the curtsey earrings on Blair!


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

back from the dead!

i'm back!! It's been a loooooong time, but wait, I have good reason! In the past few months, I defended my PhD dissertation, got married, holidayed in Key West, Miami, Hawaii and Bali (hadn't had a proper holiday in 6 years!), and did a transcontinental move 10,000 miles away from Cambridge, MA to sunny Singapore. The picture above is pequito lying in front of our fireplace in our empty old house in Cambridge...

Yep, pequitobun is now located in Singapore! It took us a while to get settled in (bank accounts, home stuff, pequito stuff etc) but we're finally all unpacked. Yesterday, I finally had a little area organized as my workspace for the jewellery (adjusting to spelling it this way again).

We packed just 4 suitcases and 4 boxes (yep, that was our whole life's stuff), of which already one entire suitcase was my jewellery supplies, which meant that I had to leave alot of shipping and organizational stuff behind, and so had to buy new ones... I bought lots of velvet lined boxes for my gemstones, and plastic storage for the other stuff. They are sitting stacked in the tall dresser on the left. I'm now so organized! Very pleased.

I'm also now finally ready to ship stuff again. (See weighing scale on top of the dresser... thanks, Mum!) Shipping from Singapore was surprisingly cheap. After I shipped a couple of packages, I realized that I am able to lower my international shipping price to US$4.95!! That's the price for domestic priority mail. Packaging was a big problem at first, however. I thought I would be able to easily find cheap and beautiful packaging boxes here, but in fact I ended up having to order them from the US... oh well, I loved my old boxes anyways =).

In between reading up for my new job, which I start next week, I hit up a local boutique recommended to me by one of my old customers to see if they might be interested in stocking pequitobun. I went there sight unseen since it was so recommended, but when I got there for the meeting, wow, it was gorgeous and perfect for pequitobun!

Look at our logos!

Trixilini, located in Millenia Walk, is feminine, romantic and bright. Not only is their clothing luxurious and unique, they also stock an amazing array of handmade jewellery. I'm really glad to have found such a perfect boutique for pequitobun (and glad they liked us too!)

Do visit the store to take a look at my pieces up close, if you live in Singapore!

Last but not least, a few new updates on the website. Working on Fall, I promise!!

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