Friday, April 17, 2009

pequitobun Summer '09 Collection is here!

Summer 2009 collection is here!

2 weeks earlier than I had planned, but I couldn't wait to share!! Also, I thought it made sense to launch it earlier so purchases can arrive in time for Mothers' Day if needed. Made during the six weeks I was working on my dissertation, I wanted everything to be different from other pieces I have made, and I love every single one! They are actually two slightly different collections.

The first, GLAM, is more edgy and rock in absolutely versatile, go-with-everything colors- sterling silver or gold-filled with silvery pyrite, cloudy quartz, topaz, gunmetal and lipstick red, with a touch of delicateness.

The second, Exotica, is exactly that, something different, luxurious, bright and exotic. You can wear them to brighten up a boring outfit, or you can just prance around in them naked and pose like a supermodel (yes, i know you do that!!).

As usual, everything is made by me with my two hands, with the finest materials, and most are one of a kind. No factories, no manufacturing, just me, pliers, gemstones and old forgotten vintage things.

Also, I just got a bunch of tiny pequitobun 14K gold-filled tags to add my signature to each necklace or bracelet (see below), so every necklace or bracelet piece ordered from now on will be tagged with the signature on them before they ship!


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