Sunday, March 01, 2009

lilian asterfield by nicole deponte

i've been making jewelry for a few years now, and, as much as possible, try to buy handmade stuff to support fellow crafters and designers, particularly those made from eco-friendly or vintage materials. there are alot of great designers that i love and come across, and i have a few favourites that I do genuinely get excited about when they have new designs. however, the handmade market has grown so quickly that it's pretty rare for me to come across something so original that totally blows me away and turns me into a kid in a candy store, which is kinda what happened today at the design hive when i came across the coolest ascots in the lilian asterfield line by nicole deponte.

seriously, these were so awesome, i neglected my own booth for about half an hour as i tried to decide which fabulous creation to get. some part of the time i was jostling for mirror space in my own mirror against my own customers!! =(

anyways, Deponte upcycles vintage neckties into awesome wearable art, the ones i really took a liking to were the ascots. what i love about them is that each piece is totally unique and organic, blending together different patterns and feels to arrive at something really avante garde, yet very current with the menswear feel, with folded ruffles or lace that add a touch of femininity.

the one that i finally got was this one (all images from

the other one i was really considering was this one:

i guess what clinched it was that the fiance was REALLY excited about the first one, which, if you know him is a very rare event for any outfit that isn't a short dress/skirt! haha. if i were to get another one i would probably get one of these two:

although i'm still not sure if i'm cool enough to carry them off, i would probably wear mine with a simple tank top or fitted tee.

as long as i feel fabulous, i am fabulous! right? haha


flutterbyblue said...

omg - I *love* these!!! I wish I could have gone to Design Hive to check them out!

pequitobun said...

i think she might be there again next month!! check her website closer to the date.

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