Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Win free stuff- Join the Happily Handmade Giveaway

I know we're all cutting back on our spending these days, and doing alot more "online window shopping" rather than actual buying. ={ Wouldn't it be awesome to get a whole bunch of handmade goodies for free?

TA DAAAHHHHH!!! I bring you good news, that's exactly what you can do, with the Happily Handmade Giveaway, that starts tomorrow! You can be one of 25 lucky winners to take home a plump, happy basket full of more than $300 worth of handmade goodies each! Check out the amazing gift baskets here, they consist of bath and body products, jewelry, bags, yarn, buttons, stickers, eyeglass cases, tissue cozies, socks, tea towels, hair clips, perfume, candles, notecards, body scrubs, gift certificates, brooches, scarves... the list goes on... all unique and lovingly handmade.

To enter, simply go onto any participating website, one of which is pequitobun, and look for the Happily Handmade logo:

Click on it, and enter your information on the giveaway page to win! You can enter through the websites of any of the 42 participating independent crafters and designers. This means that the more websites you visit, the higher your chances of winning.

Good luck, and please spread the word!! =)

Monday, March 23, 2009

pequitobun on Gossip Girl!!!!!

Images belong to the CW

pequitobun was on Gossip Girl tonight!!! The episode is "The Grandfather", and the necklace above and below is the necklace worn on the fabulously fashionable Taylor Momsen playing Jenny Humphrey in the scene with Dan and Vanessa after they come back from football with the Archibalds. It is one of a kind and still with the wardrobe department at Gossip Girl, but will come on sale soon at pequitobun! It is made with a vintage sterling silver bow pin and large green amethyst gemstones, on sterling silver chain. I love bows, and there are many more designs with bows on pequitobun's website! pequitobun has a few more jewelry pieces at the wardrobe department at Gossip Girl, so hopefully they might use other pieces in future...

Post Gossip Girl edit: I wrote the above piece in great excitement while watching Gossip Girl, so I just wanted to add a bit to say that I'm really thrilled about this!! If anyone has TiVo and knows a way to get stills from the scene, please let me know!! =)

P.P.S. I added stills!!! These are pretty blurry, but you can see the twinkle on the necklace!!


Friday, March 20, 2009

something to look forward to...

My guy just reminded me that if all goes well and we both pass our dissertation defense in early May (oh my god that is going to be the bestest feeling in the world!! but not counting my chickens yet), we're both going to be without a salary for May-June. Ok, a graduate student salary is not much in the first place, but between the two of us it is quite alot of ground to make up, and we still need to pay our rent and have a wedding.

So, I was like, don't worry, i'll make lots of jewelry, and he gave me a look like, yah, since when have you made money from jewelry... which is kinda true since I buy wayy to much supplies and I currently have alot of overhead from my advertising and PR efforts, but I really think that if I stopped buying supplies and tripled my design output I could probably at least do enough to pay the rent!

So, I'm kind of excited now, designing really has been something I do when I needed to take a break from work, or when I feel a burst of inspiration. I haven't yet tried to do it full time, and I honestly don't know if I will have a chance to try it in future. I love science and I think I want to do it seriously for the rest of my life, but I feel like a month or two would be a really nice time for me to try something else seriously, give it my all, and see how it goes.

Pretty exciting, and one more thing to look forward to!! I can't wait for May.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Anna Sui Spring/Summer 2009 Ad Campaign

I love how an ad campaign can bring together and communicate the vision of the designer. I wish I had the time and money to shoot another one, the last lookbook I did was a blast!

I'm really digging the vibe of this image from Anna Sui's Spring/Summer 2009 campaign, and that dress is so lovely. it's really inspiring me to kick it up a little color-wise, for my summer collection.

Copyright Anna Sui

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

american idol makes me cry

i don't normally watch american idol, but i got addicted early this season and i've been watching it every week. for some reason i cry every episode, just watching people pursue and realise their dreams makes me insanely touched. i know, it's ridiculous. i don't know what's wrong with me.

anyways, this season my absolute favourite is adam lambert. he's been on the cast of wicked for a few years, and i think he finally got his big break. he's mesmerizing!

btw paula is slightly crazy, but she's adorable anyways!

bunny pin

bunny pin from imyourpresent! i think it goes with all my T-shirts =) YAY!

Saturday, March 07, 2009

obsessed with this dress!!

by the ever talented claire la faye (from portland, of course, i seriously would consider moving there just for the insane high concentration of talented designers)... i want it!!!!!! it's not quite my size, unfortunately. wonder if she would do alterations?


Tuesday, March 03, 2009

New designs!

New designs at pequitobun!! Do sign up for my mailing list (at the bottom of any page on the site) to be the first to know the next time new designs are added! A few of my favourites from the new collection:

anne rockstar:

roaring twenties- prim

princess by night:

white roses at dusk:


penelope's garden:

acid tulips:

sister necklaces- fever

sail away me and you:

Sunday, March 01, 2009

lilian asterfield by nicole deponte

i've been making jewelry for a few years now, and, as much as possible, try to buy handmade stuff to support fellow crafters and designers, particularly those made from eco-friendly or vintage materials. there are alot of great designers that i love and come across, and i have a few favourites that I do genuinely get excited about when they have new designs. however, the handmade market has grown so quickly that it's pretty rare for me to come across something so original that totally blows me away and turns me into a kid in a candy store, which is kinda what happened today at the design hive when i came across the coolest ascots in the lilian asterfield line by nicole deponte.

seriously, these were so awesome, i neglected my own booth for about half an hour as i tried to decide which fabulous creation to get. some part of the time i was jostling for mirror space in my own mirror against my own customers!! =(

anyways, Deponte upcycles vintage neckties into awesome wearable art, the ones i really took a liking to were the ascots. what i love about them is that each piece is totally unique and organic, blending together different patterns and feels to arrive at something really avante garde, yet very current with the menswear feel, with folded ruffles or lace that add a touch of femininity.

the one that i finally got was this one (all images from

the other one i was really considering was this one:

i guess what clinched it was that the fiance was REALLY excited about the first one, which, if you know him is a very rare event for any outfit that isn't a short dress/skirt! haha. if i were to get another one i would probably get one of these two:

although i'm still not sure if i'm cool enough to carry them off, i would probably wear mine with a simple tank top or fitted tee.

as long as i feel fabulous, i am fabulous! right? haha

Argyle Whale!

I have been so busy that I didn't have time to post about the Design Hive show that I did today. It was kind of a slow day, perhaps because of the snowy weather, but thank god for my awesome neighbour at the show, elise! a fellow bunny lover and the uber talented illustrator behind Argyle Whale, she also is one of the funniest people i have met in a long time (i was constantly tickled by all her observations!).

Anyways, I bought a super awesome print from her, that happens to reflect my previous post!!

Love! Do check her out, she has a really unique and witty style!
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