Tuesday, February 24, 2009

staying anonymous...

Many designers want to make their name in the world, in fact, many name their line after themselves (I'm sure you can think of more than a few!). I have the tremendous luck of having an amazing publicist, who's been garnering press hits for pequitobun left and right. Unfortunately, I happen to be a very difficult client as I really want to stay anonymous and I just made her turn down a request for a designer feature by the Boston Globe!!! I'm so sad but I'm on the verge of graduating and firstly, all my spare time is spent writing my dissertation (I swear, staring at the computer for hours on end is giving me palpitations and nausea) and secondly for some reason I'm afraid that if my advisor and people in my program know that I have this whole other designing life it'll give the impression that I don't work as hard as other people.

I know, why do I care what other people think?? (that's what my other half keeps asking me) In fact, my time for designing comes from the time I would spend:

1) socialising (sorry sherry couldn't come out, she's making jewelry)
2) watching tv (although i can often do the two at the same time)
3) reading (sad, the last book i read was probably harry potter)
4) going to the movies (i still manage to go to the cinema once a month because the fella loves it)
5) playing sports/going to the gym (seldom/never)
6) chatting on the phone (i lost my cell and didn't replace it till 3 months later, and kinda didn't miss it)
7) going on random excursions (i haven't gone on a hike for years)

God I'm a hermit!!!!

Can I merge the two lives? I'm still kinda designing under a pseudonym but I wish I didn't have to. Maybe when I graduate and am no longer a student, I can say with pride, I'm a scientist and a moderately successful (by my standards) jewelry designer? Because, unlike alot of crafters, I have no wish to quit my day job, I absolutely love it and do think it's the most awesome job in the world. But, designing fulfills me in a whole different way, and meeting people who like my designs is a pretty awesome feeling.

Edit to this post: My publicist convinced me that this would be too good an opportunity to pass up, so I've agreed to do the interview! It's going to focus on the jewelry and not too much on me, so I think I'm still going to be able to remain anonymous to some extent... thanks so much for your comments!! I'll let you know how it goes...


Anjali said...

aw, you make such great jewelry though sherry. i'm sure if people knew they would only admire you more :) i do totally understand though it's hard to reveal a side of yourself you've kept under wraps for so long to people in your real life though!

anyway, hope all is well with you...nice to see you update once in a while =)

pequitobun said...

thanks anjali! my PR person has been trying to convince me that I shouldn't turn down this opportunity, so I'm trying to find out more... we'll see, maybe i shouldn't be so paranoid, probably no one cares but me! haha

things are good, i'm writing now. hope things are well with you too!! =)

Anonymous said...

Sherry, I have been a huge fan of your work for quite some time now. I've always been too shy to comment on any of your blog posts, but I was really compelled to reply to this one.

I understand why you wouldn't want to mix your two professions. As of right now, I feel the same way. I also make jewelry (hoping to become as successful as you one day!) and work a techy job in the corporate world. I have wanted to tell people about my hobbies, but I'm worried that they will not take me as seriously.

I hope that everything works out for you! Your business opportunities always make me smile and give me something to aspire towards. :)

pequitobun said...

thank you, elementnineteen! i'm going to dip my toes and see how it goes... best of luck to us!! =)

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