Thursday, February 26, 2009


I've been writing all day and suddenly, my computer refused to charge.

Guess why?

Closer look:

pequito *loves* to chew on electrical cords, especially Apple cords (ipod, macbook, iphone, you name it). Now I have to constantly jiggle the cords to get it into just the right position before it will charge.


(his new favourite snack: bunny popcorn)

lucky for him, he's beyond adorable, so we put up with him:


Anonymous said...

Pequito is adorable!! How old is he?

Alos, where do you get bunny popcorn from? I'm thinking of getting some for my friend's bunny after seeing your pictures!

pequitobun said...

thanks!! he's about 2 years old now. but he still looks like a baby! haha

i got the bunny popcorn from petco. it just looks like tiny dried stalks of corn, pequito doesn't eat it dried, but when you pop it in the microwave he devours it!!

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