Saturday, January 31, 2009

lapsing into old blogless habits

it's been really long since i last blogged, i missed wishing everyone all the joys of the holidays but i hope you're having a great 2009 so far! my absence is a combination of insane busyness (56 more days to dissertation due + holiday craft shows + job interviews + wedding planning + etc) and some laziness... but it's just going to get busier!

i'm still really jetlagged from a trip to Asia for job interviews, but I wanted to share with you two exciting pieces of press. pequitobun was featured both on last week's Life and Style Weekly and this Spring's Your Prom!

More exciting media placements coming up, but I'm going to keep them under wraps for now until they are confirmed.

It's almost February already... I feel like time is going on increasingly warped speed!

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