Wednesday, November 12, 2008

clothing is art for my soul

i'm putting together my wedding dress.

i'm searching for a simple cream bustier like the one leanne made in her final Runway show.

i'm planning to have it tailored together with an ankle-length, tiered cream lace vintage wedding dress I bought on ebay for $26 8 years ago to make a simple wedding dress for my wedding.

of course, i would love to instead wear leanne's beautiful Runway wedding dress

but, that's out of the question so i will instead put my own together.

so, i started shopping online for a simple cream bustier.

i almost started hyperventilating when i found out that is having a 30% off storewide sale today and tomorrow! it is my favourite shop to browse and daydream that i have a job where it is absolutely crucial to invest in nice clothing. When I went to school in Madison, I spent way too much time in their b&m BOP.

*hands weighing gesture on* wedding dress... or nanette lapore? *hands weighing gesture off*

i think wedding dress wins, but a girl can dream...

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if you guys see a nice fitted cream bustier in a silk or smooth cotton, please let me know!!



Chic and Charming said...

how about a custom one from bonzie on etsy?

pequitobun said...

oh yah good idea! i'll ask bonzie! my only worry is the fit, it needs to fit perfect...


Her Divaness said...

Ask Bonzie, babes, she'll whip up something fab for you! Louise Black does divine things too though she might take longer and you'd need her to do a piece that's more lolita as vs gothic lolita :)

xo Sheela xo

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