Thursday, September 04, 2008

Etsy faves

While I wait for my paraffin wax to melt so I can embed my samples, here are a few items I'm thinking, kinda, of getting... (the last time I made a post like this I received a comment that said, simply, "Online shopping is very common nowadays."... I was mystified and deleted the comment, but now I think I should have kept it as it is pretty funny!)

Candelabra, sheriscrystals

peacock decal, shanon1972

Mini dress, TailorMadeVintage

Raggedy Ann dress, Mount Phoenix

tulle dress, lynnsrags

Another love, sarahseven (from Portland, of course!)

she's everywhere! iheartfink

Finally, something I DID get (and probably, as always, least likely to wear), from salvagelife:

i can't help it, i collect unusual vintage clothing!!

1 comment:

sheralyn said...

i like all those clothes!!! so pretty!

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