Wednesday, July 30, 2008

highly amusing

I can't believe that I haven't checked out Audrey magazine before! I learned about it today and, as an Asian person dating a white-ish guy, found their blog quite entertaining.

It really is puzzling that there are no Asian male "sex symbols" in the US. Growing up in an Asian city, most of our sex symbols were, of course, Asian. The editors mention the ever youthful Takeshi Kaneshiro, who I remember lusting after maybe 10 years ago, and, a new name to me, Daniel Henney accompanied by a VERY intriguing picture *wink wink*.

So, I Google him and find out he's in the new X-Men Origins:Wolverine movie, and this YouTube video result was so highly amusing for various reasons... the lyrics, the strange situation, the enthusiastic Korean captions that I cannot read, and the fact that you can literally see the girls melting into puddles in their seats.

i'm so tickled!


xiao said...

ooh..*SWOON* =P I first saw Daniel Henney in this Korean movie. It's called 'Seducing Mr. Perfect'... guess who plays Mr. Perfect?

pequitobun said...

heehee... i haven't watched any korean movies in a while, going to put that on my list then!
gotta see what Jeon Ji Hyun is up to too! i adore her... hmmm

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