Sunday, July 06, 2008

are you wearing a book piece?

i finally had a chance to look at the new jewelry book, 1000 Jewellery Inspirations, that has 13 pequitobun designs in it, and it's so strange to see my familiar designs in a book! i had forgotten which pieces Sandra chose, and it was kind of fun to revisit the old designs.

i was also glad to see that many of the published pieces are owned by a few of my returning customers, it's kind of a double nostalgic bonus for me =). i took a quick picture of 2 pages in the book, every single piece on those pages are pequitobun!

coolio~, as my baby sister would say (actually, she's 19 but i still consider her the baby =)... the extra large picture on the left, grandma's treasure chest, is still available for sale in the shop, so if anyone is interested in buying a published book piece, here's your chance!

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