Monday, June 02, 2008

ups and downs and red wine

today was a great day for jewelry but not so good for science.

the bad news: i have a really urgent deadline for a manuscript revision, but chose to postpone work on it to analyse some data that i was really excited about. after 3 days of working on sorting and analysing the data, i realised that there was a fundamental flaw in the script that i was told to use!!! arghhh. arggh... now i wasted 3 days and accomplished nothing with this looming deadline and my boss breathing down my neck. arggh. arggh. it's already june!! i'm supposed start writing my dissertation in 4 months!!! arggh arggh.

here is where the red wine comes in. heehee

tee hee

the good news: apparently i have pictures of my earrings on a celeb! i don't know who, but it's certainly a bonus!! yippee! (my boyfriend says johnny depp *lol*)

good news #2: i zoomed a pair of earrings over to an editor of a newstand weekly who requested them for a photoshoot tomorrow!! she gave me a fedex number so i assume they are going to use it *fingers tightly crossed*

see why i make jewelry? it makes the bad days less bad.

so does red wine ;)

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