Monday, June 23, 2008

pequito is the cutest bunny in the world

I got all the rest of my Lookbook pictures!!! They are absolutely fabulous, and I'm still sorting through them.

But, I have to brag. I own the absolute cutest bunny in the world!! =) See below for evidence:

uish cutie!!!!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


i got my first teaser pictures from taschka, and they're beautiful!! a few of them are so 1000% pequitobun, i'm so happy, check it out:

yayayayay. Kara is wearing two My Key Necklaces, and a new design for Fall that will be coming to the store soon (along with other new designs!). I will be putting all the other images into a lookbook album on the website, so, stay tuned!

Also, we tried having pequito take a few pictures with Kara, and he was so squirmy! But, adorable as usual. =)

Last lastly, check out the beautiful and stylish Shantel Van Santen with my Gretel earrings in yellow opal at the MTV Movie Awards Style Lounge!

She is so pretty! She will be in the new t.A.T.u. movie with Mischa Barton coming out soon, as well as Final Destination 4.

Stay cool! ~

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


imyourpresent's dresses always sell out so quickly, so when i saw this, i pounced.

it's MINE!!!!

i think i'll wear it to a party this friday, if it gets here by then!

who else thinks she should join project runway??

Monday, June 02, 2008

ups and downs and red wine

today was a great day for jewelry but not so good for science.

the bad news: i have a really urgent deadline for a manuscript revision, but chose to postpone work on it to analyse some data that i was really excited about. after 3 days of working on sorting and analysing the data, i realised that there was a fundamental flaw in the script that i was told to use!!! arghhh. arggh... now i wasted 3 days and accomplished nothing with this looming deadline and my boss breathing down my neck. arggh. arggh. it's already june!! i'm supposed start writing my dissertation in 4 months!!! arggh arggh.

here is where the red wine comes in. heehee

tee hee

the good news: apparently i have pictures of my earrings on a celeb! i don't know who, but it's certainly a bonus!! yippee! (my boyfriend says johnny depp *lol*)

good news #2: i zoomed a pair of earrings over to an editor of a newstand weekly who requested them for a photoshoot tomorrow!! she gave me a fedex number so i assume they are going to use it *fingers tightly crossed*

see why i make jewelry? it makes the bad days less bad.

so does red wine ;)
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