Sunday, May 11, 2008

it finally happened...

my first negative feedback has arrived.

i knew it had to happen someday, but I thought that since I had moved most of my business to my website, I could wrap up my etsy career with 100% positive feedback. but, alas, it is not to be. my 690th feedback was a big, fat red NEGATIVE feedback. From a transaction from more than a year ago, no less. If this negative came a year ago, at least it would be on page 20 or something, not page 1. =(

you often see people lament this in the forums, and i always thought, oh, it's not a big deal, people will see that you have 689 positive feedbacks and won't really hold that one negative against you. but, now that it has happened to me, i realise how much it hurts. it really does.

maybe it's the fact that you have worked so hard over the past two years to build your small business up from scratch, balancing all the aspects of running your little shop, that to see a negative, somehow feels so personal.

or maybe it is that i am somewhat of a perfectionist and i had hoped to keep up my 100% positive feedbacks. and now that it is broken, it is forever irretrievable, unobtainable. 1000 more postive feedbacks will not negate that one negative.

i know, i'm being really dramatic. i should think about this as somewhat of a relief. Maybe.

I did contact the buyer to tell her i will give her a full refund.

I have to add here that it is not that I was perfect all the way up till now. I really appreciate those customers who had contacted me about their dissatisfactions before, for giving me the benefit of the doubt and giving me a chance to make it up to them. You don't know me, but you recognise that I'm running an honest business and know that feedback really is important to us and we work hard to take care of our little shops.

It kind of reminds me of my last semester at college, when my 4.0 GPA was finally broken, by my B in... ballroom dancing. Yes, I graduated the UW with a 3.995. I got As in organic chemistry, physical chemistry, developmental biology, advanced calculus, genetics, quantum physics etc etc, only to be foiled by ballroom dance!

i did meet my ex boyfriend in that class though, so it was slightly worth it. lol.

anyways, enough lamenting!

funny thing, today i realised that no matter how long I have stayed in this country, there are still little weird things that reveal my total foreignness. my friends and i went to a lovely little restaurant here in Cambridge, Hungry Mother, and I ordered chicken fried steak, thinking it was chicken. When it arrived, I spent a long time looking for the chicken, but it ended up not really being chicken at all, but steak.

it was really delicious anyways, but i was wondering, what if I was Hindu?? In cosmopolitan/multicultural Cambridge, I think a misleading dish like "chicken fried steak" should have, in brackets (this is not chicken, but beef).


flutterbyblue said...

Lol! I suppose "chicken fried steak" could be very confusing to someone who has not had it before! I'm curious as to where this restaurant is located...I *love* chicken fried steak!

Sorry to hear about the negative feedback. Who waits so long to complain???

Chic and Charming said...

Sorry babe! That is really disappointing. I think your jewels are amazing! I remember my first really mean blog comment, implying that I was a frivolous idiot, it still stings.

pequitobun said...

thanks guys! yah it's kind of glaring, that huge red negative. oh well, i'll get over it. now i have to buy/sell more stuff on that account to move it to page 2! lol.

the restaurant is near kendall, it's actually really cute and the food is awesome. the chef worked at L'Espalier and Lumiere and just opened hungry mother in march.

Cindy said...

Sorry to hear about the negative. :(

I was laughing (out loud) at the chicken fried steak. :p

pequitobun said...

heehee, thanks!!

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