Wednesday, May 28, 2008

in a nutshell...

That, in a nutshell, is what has been up with me the past week. Yes, both events are new and my hand looks really, really old. i like to take hot showers but i don't moisturise because i grew up in a tropical country. =( The ring was his grandmother's, and his great-grandmother's before that! so, it's just perfect because it's super vintage (i guess antique) and hopefully not as bloody as most rings, yah. i hope no one robs me after seeing this picture because i sure as hell am advertising my lack of ability to fight back.

the cast is for a dislocated thumb, in an epic (not really) volleyball game. (Want more details? I was playing in a vb league, and going up to block a hit from a 6'2 hitter. I got the block all right, and the hit was a really big one, but then i felt a searing pain in my hand and saw that the ball had jammed the thumb completely out of its socket and flipped it backwards, popping my thumb joint into the palm and resulting in my whole hand having to curl up like a claw! This guy from another team pulled on it a few times to try to put it back but it didn't work, and i had to go to the emergency room. thank god for student health insurance!!)

it sucks because i really need my thumb for work and for wirewrapping, so i have to work super slowly at work, and stay away from actual full-on jewelry making for a while (the cast will be on for a month). i've also seemed to acquire weird flu-like symptoms that have lingered for a week without being the flu, but yet having the effect of making me really, really tired. i am guessing it is the dislocation telling my body to rest up? (i'm a big fan of the "your body tells you what it needs" club).


we did my first professional photoshoot! if you remember, a while ago i wanted to shoot a "catalogue" for pequitobun, but foolishly assumed all i needed was good daylight and some cute dresses. it was a disaster. this time, it is for a lookbook (more on that in a future post).

this time though, with a bunch of professionals on board, the shoot was AMAZING. firstly, i would like to crow that my many years of hoarding crazy vintage dresses, bloomers etc etc have paid off, as i managed to fully provide all the clothing for the styling of the shoot *ohwoo ohwwoo*.

thank you to kerry and erin for being so nice as to offer up amazing suggestions for the location, unfortunately they were either out of bounds or too expensive =(.

we ended up doing it in my apartment, it wasn't ideal, but i do love and collect vintage furniture too, so i think it worked out well. the photographer taschka, the model kara and the makeup artist vania were all smashingly awesome, it was just so much fun, fashiony, creative and beautiful. taschka pulled together 4 great looks, and we shot about 25 pieces of jewelry. They were so professional throughout! it got to a point (6 hours later) that i was slightly bored of the project, but they were still plugging through, piece after piece, pose after pose.

i don't have the actual pics from the photographer yet, but here are some i took on my trusty canon:

getting set up (blurred out cos i'm shy ;)...i'm the one standing up, and my arm looks strangely long...:

kara getting made up by vania:

kara is just the sweetest, prettiest little thing! well, not little exactly, she's 5' 10, but little circumference-wise! she just signed with Elite NYC, and is moving to ze beeg apple in july, so i'm so glad i found her before she got transplanted. i knew she was perfect the moment i saw her portfolio. she was such a trooper, being under hot lights and multiple changes for almost 7 hours, and she was still giggles and turning out hot pose after pose to the end. i just know she is going to do so well, pretty face, great poses, professional disposition and adorable personality is a tough package to beat! best of luck, and here's to that vogue cover kara! =)

taschka doing her thing:

what can i say, she's a pro. and not only that, she has a keen eye for fashion, is deliberate, meticulous, full of energy and really knows how to get great looks out of her models! i can't wait to see the shots, it all looked so fabulous.

the first look (with and without hat)... so pretty and feminine!

i stopped taking photos after this, got tired ;). overall, it was a ton of fun, and i know we got some great shots for my lookbook!


today was pretty, we took pequi out for a walk, and he met his first dog up close, serena. to be fair, serena's always been a really timid dog, but it was funny to see pequi be more assured one between the two! i didn't dare to release him in the presence of a bouncy golden retriever, though. one step at a time.

ok, i really should work on my manuscript now, the reviewers want tons and tons of changes...

enjoy the SUN!

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