Tuesday, May 20, 2008

help finding a beautiful Victorian home to photograph in!

for one of my mystery projects, i've been desperately trying to hunt down a Victorian house with beautiful furnishings, but to no avail. =( this is Cambridge, it shouldn't be so hard!! i've taken to scouting Craigslist looking for people selling their furniture to see if they might be potentials =(

my heart stopped when i came across this gorgeous location, it's perfect, but freaking in london!! if anyone has any tips or ideas or in and around boston and massachusetts, i will love you forever... and give you a $100 gift certificate to pequitobun for your trouble. please help!! thanks!! (edit: the $100 gift certificate will be given if your suggestion pans out!! thanks!! =)..)

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Anonymous said...

I'm not sure exactly what you're looking for, but what about a historic house museum? There might be one that would be open to letting you photograph there.

Good luck! It sounds exciting!

pequitobun said...

great idea, i'll check it out! thank you!

*cmyk* said...

i found a few links and e-mailed them to you, hopefully they help! =)

pequitobun said...

thanks kerry!! i'm going to give them a call... hope it's not too short notice ... i'll let you know!

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