Thursday, May 29, 2008

giving jewelry away

this week, donations are on my mind, for good (2) and for fun (1)... They balance out my karma =)

on the same day two days ago, i received emails from two different people asking me to donate jewelry for two charity auction events, one, a very precocious 16-year old student helping to organize an event at her high school benefiting a hunger relief charity/food bank, and the other, a large branch of the Arthritis Foundation raising money for a summer camp for children with arthritis. Poverty, youth empowerment and children, pretty important! so I threw my hat in. I hope someone bids on them =).

the other special "donation" project i have been working on is for people who probably don't need free stuff: the MTV Movie Awards Gift Lounge organized by The Sampler! If you remember, I blogged about two projects i was super excited about a while ago, and this is the second (the first, of course, is my photoshoot). I got myself very excited at the possibility that someone famous will be seen wearing my jewelry though, so, yay! I sent out 30 pairs of earrings, including the biohazard earrings and the gretel earrings.

For sure, someone famous will own my earrings, although the odds that I'll get a picture are slim. If you see these earrings in tabloids, etc after next week, will you let me know?

Alison of The Sampler is en route (in?) LA right now, carting with her the wares of 125 independent designers! I'm sure we're all eagerly awaiting her report and pictures. You can see pictures from the 2006 event here.

I keep seeing weird Mike Myers ads for the Awards, and I remember to get excited =).

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