Monday, May 05, 2008

anticipation and preparation

there are a few things shaping up to maybe becoming something awesome here at pequitobun, keeping me busy and happy. i've realised that i crave having something to look forward to, events to break up the otherwise monotonous weeks that have somehow stretched 2008 into May already. *freaking out*

i'm going to be a little bit ambiguous because... well, it could be awesome, or average. so, i'll tell you when i find out which =).

D-Day 1: May 24 (can't wait!!!! lots of stuff to prep and plan!...where did i put those vintage lace gloves?!?!?)

D-Day 2: May 28- deadline for June 1...(ok, the pictures make it look way more exciting that it actually is! They are from 2006, Leighton Meester during Veronica Mars (LOVE!) and pre-Gossip Girl, and Anne Heche modelling lovely jewelry and hair pins... who knows what 2008 will be like? Clue: green background with question marks and do i spy the word "handmade..."? HMM!)

more details, photos and videos to come! =)

AND, next week, a huge update at pequitobun!

AND lele comes home, YAY!

*My boyfriend's back and you're gonna be in trouble (Hey-la-hey-la my boyfriend's back...)*


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