Wednesday, April 30, 2008

uh oh it's dress season

i am a big collector of vintage dresses. do i wear them? not often. but i love them and am always on the hunt for them. there are a few cute thrift and vintage shops here in Cambridge, but the place that can really suck me in is ebay. i remember those days, watching my coveted items obsessively and one-upping the next person with my bid, developing my own system of last-minute bidding (i'll share it later!).

the phenomenon of ebay boutique vintage stores started i think about 3-4 years ago, and, with that, came an influx of great vintage clothing, but, also, increased competition for the really good stuff. i am continually impressed by the styling of these sellers, they have made their ebay shops into mini-NEET magazines (note, bunny on their March cover!!) almost; lots of eye candy even if you can no longer afford to bid up to hundreds of dollars for the item you want (please don't ask how much i have bid up to before, it's like a feeding frenzy to "win; I think that is why ebay's new slogan is "shop victoriously", they KNOW that beating that next person is half the maniacal fun). i was watching and researching 30+ shops every week, yes, my boyfriend says that was "my thing" then (next was researchng home-buying, but no one wanted to give us a loan, thank god).

one of my favourite ebay sellers, thriftwares, has some seriously cute stuff this week!! note especially the white tulle dress (I got this tip from a blog I feed, She's a Betty), it looks alot like the aforementioned wedding dress, but slimmer fitting (the one i have is poofy).

*epiphany* i might need both!

hey, it's still way cheaper than my friend's stunning vera wang!

the worst thing about these? they are all in my size. which means i have to get them because they were meant for me.


Jeanne said...

What a great store! I'm always lurking around eBay for vintage dresses (and have a long list of stores I am constantly checking), and I haven't even worn the one I won last summer, so I definitely understand the thrill of the hunt for the perfect vintage dress on eBay! Good luck!

pequitobun said...

thanks!! yes, ahh vintage dresses make my heart beat faster!

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