Wednesday, April 16, 2008

sitting on hands

yes, the website is really running late, because of aforementioned payment gateway problems =(. It's really frustrating, but it is really out of our hands because the tech support people at CDG commerce seem to take several days to respond to emails, causing our days to stretch into weeks (I hope they see this and improve their support! their customer service is excellent, but maybe tech support is overwhelmed).

so, i really apologise that this is taking so long, and know that i'm way more anxious and worried that it's going to take all the way till May to get the site up... anxious and worried because, well, i like to be anxious and worried, so the boy says. it's really not a big deal in the scope of things, the site has been in the planning for more than 4 months now, so i can afford to wait *deep breath*.

If you want to know when the site launches, drop me an email at pequitobun !a!t and i'll add you to my mailing list! You should get a confirmation email after that, if you don't please check your spam mail as you'll need that email to confirm your subscription.

i went shopping.

i had had my eye towards owning one of Leanimal's gorgeous dresses for a long, long time now, but they are constantly sold out! I saw this and pounced =). It's so pretty! I hope it fits well.

On the up side, the weather has been absolutely gorgeous here, and the bunny seems to enjoy the sunniness =). He bounds around my feet and runs circles around them for fun. Simply adorable.


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