Friday, April 25, 2008

Great success!

i was once propositioned by Borat on Halloween. to be his whyyyyyfe.

Ok, I will stop the Borat imitation NOW because i know 99% of the universe is sick of it. lol. (but the story above is true!)

It’s been a whirlwind week since the launch of the site, and I really want to thank those who dropped by. In particular, those of you who wrote to me with your congratulations and encouragement, I appreciate it, truly. It is strange, we are strangers but yet not, and it brings a smile to my face to hear from you, fellow indies, long time customers, it means a lot. So, my heartfelt thanks!

To my first customers on, THANK YOU!! You made the launch a success (to me!), and I will be sending a few surprises in your order: cute promos, coupons, treats and such! They are a little bit late to ship because I have been waiting for something to arrive, but I will rush them the moment I can ship everything =). Thank you for understanding!

More thanks (this is starting to sound a little bit cheesy but please bear with me!): Dear Jena at Modish, you rock and have been a bedrock of support for pequitobun, I am forever grateful. Thank you for writing about my launch! Modish has been the most consistent source of traffic for me: I received 100+ unique hits from it in less than 3 days, with very high click throughs. Despite your success you have been so personable, helpful and selflessly giving. The indie world is lucky to have you!!

It is a little bit bewildering to be out there in the seas of websites on my own, Etsy definitely provided a steady stream of ready traffic (all you need to do is relist! Really!), and now, I have been extensively researching ways to increase traffic. Voila world of Google Adwords, Shopping Directories, and PR, PR, PR!

It makes my head spin. All I want to do is make jewelry.

I was approached by a really nice PR person though, and am strongly considering signing with her firm so I can just sit back and let the pros take care of it. I am waiting on more information and we shall see.

Lou wrote a really nuanced post about copycats, and it really riled me when I saw her copycats (no mistake there, they are blatantly copying her). It reminded me of one of the reasons I decided to build my own dotcom. Did I mention how amazing of an artist she is? Love love love.

The boy is in Chile and so it has been just me and pequi, hanging out. I haven’t been sleeping very well because I just haven’t lived alone for 4 years. My boss was worried (sluggish student= low productivity) and recommended valerian root to help me sleep, and it really works! I bought the liquid-filled capsules by Gaia Herbs. I just hope I don’t get addicted, I hate taking medication, but 3 sleepless nights almost did me in.

Lastly, I don't remember if I mentioned this, but my designs will be in the upcoming book, 100 0 Jewellery Inspirations, to be released in June! The author Sandra is super duper sweet, and she bought a pair of my victorian rockers. I think there are something like 15 of my designs in there... Let's see 15/1000 is 1.5% of the book! Not bad! lol =) One of my designs is on the cover (partly anyways, it's halfway cut off) and is still for sale on The rest have mostly sold, so quite a few of you out there own a book piece! =)

I will be adding new designs to the site monthly, so sign up for my mailing list to be informed! Also, as a celebration of's grand opening, become a fan of pequitobun’s on facebook, add a comment about your favourite piece in the new collection and stand to win a $100 gift certificate for! Winner will be announced in May, on the facebook page. =)

Have a sweet weekend,
pq x
p.s. has anyone ever noticed that pq kind of makes a graphic of a silly bunny? =)

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