Wednesday, April 30, 2008

uh oh it's dress season

i am a big collector of vintage dresses. do i wear them? not often. but i love them and am always on the hunt for them. there are a few cute thrift and vintage shops here in Cambridge, but the place that can really suck me in is ebay. i remember those days, watching my coveted items obsessively and one-upping the next person with my bid, developing my own system of last-minute bidding (i'll share it later!).

the phenomenon of ebay boutique vintage stores started i think about 3-4 years ago, and, with that, came an influx of great vintage clothing, but, also, increased competition for the really good stuff. i am continually impressed by the styling of these sellers, they have made their ebay shops into mini-NEET magazines (note, bunny on their March cover!!) almost; lots of eye candy even if you can no longer afford to bid up to hundreds of dollars for the item you want (please don't ask how much i have bid up to before, it's like a feeding frenzy to "win; I think that is why ebay's new slogan is "shop victoriously", they KNOW that beating that next person is half the maniacal fun). i was watching and researching 30+ shops every week, yes, my boyfriend says that was "my thing" then (next was researchng home-buying, but no one wanted to give us a loan, thank god).

one of my favourite ebay sellers, thriftwares, has some seriously cute stuff this week!! note especially the white tulle dress (I got this tip from a blog I feed, She's a Betty), it looks alot like the aforementioned wedding dress, but slimmer fitting (the one i have is poofy).

*epiphany* i might need both!

hey, it's still way cheaper than my friend's stunning vera wang!

the worst thing about these? they are all in my size. which means i have to get them because they were meant for me.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

weddings on the brain

weddings, weddings weddings. it seems like everyone is getting married this year! well, at least six of my friends are. a pair of good friends are getting married in italy. how romantic!! =)

etsy did a weddings special a while back and i bookmarked some ideas... errm just because!

i love the gowns by joanshum, they are absolutely stunning! If I didn't already buy my gorgeous $30 vintage lace wedding dress on ebay a few years ago (too early you say? well, when it's your turn and you're scrambling to find something you will appreciate my planliness) these will definitely be at the top of my list!

handmade, custom-made independent design. why would you want to wear mass produced on your special day?

Monday, April 28, 2008

new designs added today!

Several new designs added to the shop today! This is in addition to the 4 new items added yesterday, including a special ::surprise box:: item for some fun summer jewelry!

I made a couple of the new items the featured items on the site, so if you want to see them, just refresh the main page a couple of times =).

My favourite? This lovely long necklace: awake.asleep.inspired. I LOVE the gorgeous filigree locket and gold-filled rose:

becoming jane is pretty, bright and Victorian. The sterling pin used here is really old!

my boyfriend took my camera to chile, so i have to wait till he gets back to photograph some new designs I made this weekend =(.


Friday, April 25, 2008

Great success!

i was once propositioned by Borat on Halloween. to be his whyyyyyfe.

Ok, I will stop the Borat imitation NOW because i know 99% of the universe is sick of it. lol. (but the story above is true!)

It’s been a whirlwind week since the launch of the site, and I really want to thank those who dropped by. In particular, those of you who wrote to me with your congratulations and encouragement, I appreciate it, truly. It is strange, we are strangers but yet not, and it brings a smile to my face to hear from you, fellow indies, long time customers, it means a lot. So, my heartfelt thanks!

To my first customers on, THANK YOU!! You made the launch a success (to me!), and I will be sending a few surprises in your order: cute promos, coupons, treats and such! They are a little bit late to ship because I have been waiting for something to arrive, but I will rush them the moment I can ship everything =). Thank you for understanding!

More thanks (this is starting to sound a little bit cheesy but please bear with me!): Dear Jena at Modish, you rock and have been a bedrock of support for pequitobun, I am forever grateful. Thank you for writing about my launch! Modish has been the most consistent source of traffic for me: I received 100+ unique hits from it in less than 3 days, with very high click throughs. Despite your success you have been so personable, helpful and selflessly giving. The indie world is lucky to have you!!

It is a little bit bewildering to be out there in the seas of websites on my own, Etsy definitely provided a steady stream of ready traffic (all you need to do is relist! Really!), and now, I have been extensively researching ways to increase traffic. Voila world of Google Adwords, Shopping Directories, and PR, PR, PR!

It makes my head spin. All I want to do is make jewelry.

I was approached by a really nice PR person though, and am strongly considering signing with her firm so I can just sit back and let the pros take care of it. I am waiting on more information and we shall see.

Lou wrote a really nuanced post about copycats, and it really riled me when I saw her copycats (no mistake there, they are blatantly copying her). It reminded me of one of the reasons I decided to build my own dotcom. Did I mention how amazing of an artist she is? Love love love.

The boy is in Chile and so it has been just me and pequi, hanging out. I haven’t been sleeping very well because I just haven’t lived alone for 4 years. My boss was worried (sluggish student= low productivity) and recommended valerian root to help me sleep, and it really works! I bought the liquid-filled capsules by Gaia Herbs. I just hope I don’t get addicted, I hate taking medication, but 3 sleepless nights almost did me in.

Lastly, I don't remember if I mentioned this, but my designs will be in the upcoming book, 100 0 Jewellery Inspirations, to be released in June! The author Sandra is super duper sweet, and she bought a pair of my victorian rockers. I think there are something like 15 of my designs in there... Let's see 15/1000 is 1.5% of the book! Not bad! lol =) One of my designs is on the cover (partly anyways, it's halfway cut off) and is still for sale on The rest have mostly sold, so quite a few of you out there own a book piece! =)

I will be adding new designs to the site monthly, so sign up for my mailing list to be informed! Also, as a celebration of's grand opening, become a fan of pequitobun’s on facebook, add a comment about your favourite piece in the new collection and stand to win a $100 gift certificate for! Winner will be announced in May, on the facebook page. =)

Have a sweet weekend,
pq x
p.s. has anyone ever noticed that pq kind of makes a graphic of a silly bunny? =)

Monday, April 21, 2008 is LIVE!!!

YAY!! is finally live!! Thank you so, so much to Chris and Arianne for such a beautiful site, they worked very hard through my many requests and weird obstacles, and were so professional throughout. I recommend them in the highest.

Lou at Artandghosts did the beautiful pequitobungirl illustration, i looooove how she turned out, and am very grateful that she agreed to do it, because I can't think of any other artist who could have brought her to life.

Please stop by and take a look! =)

SHOP pequitobun!


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

sitting on hands

yes, the website is really running late, because of aforementioned payment gateway problems =(. It's really frustrating, but it is really out of our hands because the tech support people at CDG commerce seem to take several days to respond to emails, causing our days to stretch into weeks (I hope they see this and improve their support! their customer service is excellent, but maybe tech support is overwhelmed).

so, i really apologise that this is taking so long, and know that i'm way more anxious and worried that it's going to take all the way till May to get the site up... anxious and worried because, well, i like to be anxious and worried, so the boy says. it's really not a big deal in the scope of things, the site has been in the planning for more than 4 months now, so i can afford to wait *deep breath*.

If you want to know when the site launches, drop me an email at pequitobun !a!t and i'll add you to my mailing list! You should get a confirmation email after that, if you don't please check your spam mail as you'll need that email to confirm your subscription.

i went shopping.

i had had my eye towards owning one of Leanimal's gorgeous dresses for a long, long time now, but they are constantly sold out! I saw this and pounced =). It's so pretty! I hope it fits well.

On the up side, the weather has been absolutely gorgeous here, and the bunny seems to enjoy the sunniness =). He bounds around my feet and runs circles around them for fun. Simply adorable.

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