Saturday, March 01, 2008

website updates

we're really getting into the thick of things now with the website! arianne has more than exceeded every single possible expectation place on her by the reputation of aeolidia, and i cannot be happier with how things are turning out. i LOVE my site design, and can't wait for the site to be finished.

first, she made me a super lovely logo, well, i'm still trying to decide between these two permutations, so any comments are very much appreciated:

And then she just totally designed the site i wanted when even I didn't know what that would look like! i'm so so glad that she had the time for my project.

anyways, on another note, i received the most stunning swiss blue topaz the other day, i had to share. they are cut exactly like princess-cut gems, but drilled like a briolette. just delicious and gorgeous. yum.

you can see them on top of the paper i was reading feverishly when i was writing my review.

today is a day of designing, writing the info pages for the website, thinking about press kits, playing with pequito and general relaxation!

speaking of pequito, he's finally taken to A home that I bought for him. i've bought him quite a few bunny homes in the past two years (yes, he's 2 years old!), but he's never liked living in any of them, preferring to sleep under our bed or in a corner somewhere. but, the other day we were in a general pet store buying his supplies when i saw this adorable cat house thing, and thought i would give it another try (i just want him to have somewhere to snuggle in cos i know bunnies like that).

he sleeps in it every night now!! voila! (the bits of stuff in and around the house are a mixture of his favourite hay and bits of carpet/rug that he digs and rips apart. he's totally spoilt)


RedFish said...

Hi Sherry, It's Sally from London - how are you? Don't know why it's taken me so long but have just found your blog - glad everything is going well for you and very exciting news about your new site and logo - on the logo subject I think the second logo is the best with the small pearl drop on the end - I think it fits much neater together as a logo than the first one. Don't know if you've made your mind up yet or if this helps! Good luck with launching everything

pequitobun said...

hi sally! thanks for the input! actually, we've decided to go with the other one, but i do appreciate it =). hope you're well, i'm just looking forward to spring!! xx

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