Monday, March 10, 2008 emails!

little things with the website excite me! today i set up official email accounts for pequitobun, so you can email me at info, or mailinglist, etc. so nice and official!

and, check out tomorrow's milestone:

things might get delayed a little bit because my picture requests are giving Arianne a bit of a headache, but I'm going to get to add my items to the shop soon, plus, all the info pages.

exciting!! i just realised that we're going to be in DC march 28-31st to watch the cherry blossoms (i hope they start blooming then??) and throw rocks at the white house (just kidding, Mr. Secret Service) so I have to be very efficient on my end because the designers on the rise feature starts april 1st and if i'm very lucky the site can be ready by then. i'll have to do the site testing etc in DC.

*fingers crossed*

if not, it's ok, ill get to see the pandas in the DC zoo!

p.s. two new items in the etsy shop, kimono and monotone daisies!

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