Monday, February 11, 2008

old maid

i keep dropping hints to my boyfriend about getting married, it's making everyone uncomfortable. set a date!!! set a date!!!! *crazy charlotte eyes* (if you're confused, that was an SATC reference).


btw i overheard two (probably straight) guys in the gym today discussing the pros and cons of lipstick jungle vs. cashmere mafia. quite funny.

anyways, a friend of mine asked me about handmade rings, so while i was at it, i hearted a few. here are some of my favourite rings on etsy! =)

this is not another hint, ok, sweetie. i've given up *throws up hands*.

rob and lean

Amanda K Lockrow Jewels
the last one is sooooo cute! if the bunny was black i would buy it in a heartbeat.


flutterbyblue said...

Lol! You're too funny! I also "drop hints" as in I'll flat out ask, "SO, are we EVER getting married?"

Maybe not so subtle.

pequitobun said...

lol! ;)

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