Sunday, February 24, 2008

etsy faves

once in a while, i put my etsy faves to good use =). here are a few for today!

i love cupcakes, and FatDaddy is apparently one of the best. i gotta get myself one... or 3... soon!

I really want this rubypearl dress:

Most of all, poet-artist misterrob's intricate cut out prints have stolen my heart!

enjoy sunday! x.


Diva with the pliers said...

FatDaddy Cupcakes are THE best! I bought 2 and am drooling still!

pequitobun said...

yum! i'll reward myself with one after i finish writing this darn paper!! =)

Diva with the pliers said...

Go for it! My faves are the Banana Split Personality, Banana Butterscotch Bad Boys, PMS aka Chocolate Overload (I kid you not) and my alltime #1 Pucker Up Sunny!

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