Friday, February 29, 2008


my feedback in my etsy shop is at 666! freaking out a little bit, i decided that the only thing to do is to buy something and hope to get feedback quickly to leave that inauspicious number (ticklish! pequito is licking my knee)

i discovered a cute vintage shop on etsy! i bought myself two sweaters because my lab is so very cold and i'm always freezing =)

please leave me feedback soon, nanapetproject!

ooh, almost forgot to add, two other fabulous things i got recently (since i'm not selling new stuff on etsy, i'm buying to feed my addiction, which has been VERY bad for my pocket!)

sweater from the ever fabulous c.lit:

and another from imyourpresent!

hmm. looks like i now have enough sweaters!! gotta remember that.

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