Friday, February 29, 2008


my feedback in my etsy shop is at 666! freaking out a little bit, i decided that the only thing to do is to buy something and hope to get feedback quickly to leave that inauspicious number (ticklish! pequito is licking my knee)

i discovered a cute vintage shop on etsy! i bought myself two sweaters because my lab is so very cold and i'm always freezing =)

please leave me feedback soon, nanapetproject!

ooh, almost forgot to add, two other fabulous things i got recently (since i'm not selling new stuff on etsy, i'm buying to feed my addiction, which has been VERY bad for my pocket!)

sweater from the ever fabulous c.lit:

and another from imyourpresent!

hmm. looks like i now have enough sweaters!! gotta remember that.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


As some of you know, my day job is as a (hopefully final year) graduate student. I've spent the past week working on a review for a fairly prestigious journal with my boss, and its almost done. I sent the bulk of my text in to my PI (principle investigator, that's what we call the professor who heads the lab) this morning at 4am, and he just replied to me to say:

1) he likes it alot
2) there is a ton of good stuff
3) i've done a very good job
4) alot of it won't fit because of space constraints, but I should write a review by myself in another journal and put it all in!!!

I'm so happy!! You know, it's hard not to be plagued with self-doubt when surrounded by tons of brilliant people who seem to always know what they're doing, and these rare affirmations after the long days of work, repeated failed experiments, confusing contradictory data and setbacks mean so much.

I'm just so happy. Maybe I'll really be able to graduate soon after all. ;)


Sunday, February 24, 2008

etsy faves

once in a while, i put my etsy faves to good use =). here are a few for today!

i love cupcakes, and FatDaddy is apparently one of the best. i gotta get myself one... or 3... soon!

I really want this rubypearl dress:

Most of all, poet-artist misterrob's intricate cut out prints have stolen my heart!

enjoy sunday! x.

Saturday, February 23, 2008


Etsy has been having "growing pains" for a while now. I love the idea of Etsy and its promise, but I've encountered, both personally and through Etsy friends and from reading the forums and Unofficial Etsy News, many disappointing and unprofessional tenets of Etsy. I am very grateful to Etsy for allowing me to grow my business at a comfortable rate by offering an affordable and easy to use interface, and, importantly, allowing me to meet so many wonderful sellers and buyers, but I'm very worried, and have been slowly disillusioned.

The biggest personal reason for me is the uncontrolled and proliferating rate of copying on Etsy. The low barrier of entry of Etsy is both good and bad, but unfortunately, Etsy has done nothing to stem the influx of people who see a good idea or best-selling design in another shop, and then proceed to copy the idea without any qualms. Many, many good sellers have left Etsy for this reason, and I, unfortunately, have experienced this first hand. I do not think the Etsy admin realise how important it is for them to address this on a site that focuses on handmade goods. Instead, they are often secretive and discourage open discussion about this. I was not even allowed to discuss my own case, without naming names, and their handling of it with other people.

A second important reason is Etsy's wanton shut-down of successful shops, and then baffling and contradictory replies about their policies regarding this. For more info, see the UEN here and here and here and here. People rely on Etsy for their livelihoods, and deserve to be treated with more respect and consideration. We also deserve an open and clear policy on shop suspension, which admin has repeatedly refused to do. They offer vague guidelines, which do not seem to be adhered to, as seen from the above cases.

Other gripes? Etsy admin feature their own items in gift guides (EtsyLabs had as many 14 featured items), and only realised that this was a conflict of interest after many people petitioned this on the forums. Etsy often shuts down threads in the forums that deal with very pertinent issues that may be critical of them. They allowed people to trash a foreign seller with racist comments, then proceeded to shut down the foreign shop for being the source of too much conflict. (this is what I understood from UEN, I was not around when the incident happened)

I’m so disillusioned. And I am so glad that I kept reinvesting in my business and can finally take the plunge to go it on my own. Some people have said that Etsy is a great launching point, and when designers have established themselves, the natural transition is to move on to an independent website. I am very grateful to Etsy, and think that it is invaluable to alot of crafters and designers, and hope that it will develop much greater transparency soon to accomodate its rapid growth and for the sake of its wonderful community. But at this point, I'm looking forward to not having all my eggs in one basket for much longer.


Thursday, February 14, 2008

i love tucson

one of the largest gem shows of the year just ended in tucson, and my favourite suppliers brought back lots of yummy goodies! unfortunately, i am too broke to buy everything i wanted, i missed out on gorgeous smooth amethyst full teardrops, bright pink sapphire slices, fluorite fans, smooth deep red spinel... *sigh*... there were a few things i couldn't resist getting though!! i can't wait to get them! =) i already have tons of design ideas in mind...

lovey dovey

a friend of mine recently got married, and i was able to spy on her wedding bliss from afar via facebook. heehee =)

I absolutely love her traditional qipao. the styling with the train is so elegant. of course, it doesn't hurt that she's drop dead gorgeous (inside and out!). congrats babe!! =)

more is more

i love bags with pockets. i think they help me stay organised and help me find my millions of tiny things i keep- cell, chapstick, keys, wallet, namecards, etc etc. i do own a few bags that are just one huge pocket-- they look great but i hate how everything ends up in a jumble in the bottom. i want this bag!!:

*self control self control*

Monday, February 11, 2008

old maid

i keep dropping hints to my boyfriend about getting married, it's making everyone uncomfortable. set a date!!! set a date!!!! *crazy charlotte eyes* (if you're confused, that was an SATC reference).


btw i overheard two (probably straight) guys in the gym today discussing the pros and cons of lipstick jungle vs. cashmere mafia. quite funny.

anyways, a friend of mine asked me about handmade rings, so while i was at it, i hearted a few. here are some of my favourite rings on etsy! =)

this is not another hint, ok, sweetie. i've given up *throws up hands*.

rob and lean

Amanda K Lockrow Jewels
the last one is sooooo cute! if the bunny was black i would buy it in a heartbeat.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

serene onion

I've known Serene since we were 13, but, due to geographical constraints, we saw each other very rarely. One fine day, I got a message on Etsy from a seller, sereneonion, asking, Is it you?? It must be, I recognise your bunny!!" heehee. so, Etsy brings people together!!

Serene makes the most adorable mixed media amigurumi toys, supremely well made and huggable. I know, because I own one!! She made a little pequito for me =). I carried him all around Bangkok to show him the sights, like in Amelie.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

the only good thing about the superbowl

oh my gosh, eli manning bears an uncanny resemblance to the lovely logan echolls!!! of the prematurely cancelled veronica mars. a customer of mine turned me on to the show. =) if you haven't seen it, you don't know what you're missing!!

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