Monday, January 14, 2008

pretty front page!

couldn't resist taking a snapshot of this stunning Etsy front page... what a collection! figs and ginger, tiinateaspoon, artandghosts, imogeneANDannie, and other super talented peeps!

couldn't figure out how to take more than one screen length's worth though, so the bottom three items were left out =(

The website is coming along nicely, I love how Arianne is super organised, with the entire project mapped out in terms of milestones and to-dos on their project database. I have a list of items I am responsible for, and each time I am done, I can check the box next to that item and watch it spiral magically from the to-do part to the done part =).

So far, I've worked diligently on:

Design preferences- the colours, illustrations and “style” of the website, I love how Arianne allows me to input esoteric terms like romantic, whimsical, rich, artistic, etc etc… to describe what I want! I must have put like 20 adjectives, and I’m not sure they are even all compatible. Lol. I also looked through Lou’s portfolio and picked out my favourite elements. I really can’t wait to see what she comes up with!! =D

Site preferences- I actually couldn’t think of any other website that is similar to the feel I am going for. Oddly enough, the closest is the website, and that is definitely too plain and clean. But, I like how it feels very open, and it is very well organized. It looks very elegant, clean, fresh yet “grown-up”.

Other things- shipping preferences, merchant account and gateway, etc.... gosh am I'm learning alot! i'm so excited, my heart skips a beat whenever I get a new email from Aeolidia!


Time for bed!


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