Wednesday, January 23, 2008

no way

victorya is out!! i'm so sad, especially after kit was booted last week.

christian looked really sad too. i love the two of them, i think they are/were the two best in the competition. plus, victorya said in her exit interview that christian loves asian women. woot!

i think that means that the final three will be christian, rami and maybe jillian?

i this rami is very technically talented, but i'm not a fan of his designs. they are too one-dimensional and not quirky enough for me. i loved sweet p's last two dresses, but i'm not sure she really has an assertive vision like the others.

i'm so needing christian's motorcross-inspired jeans!!! they were so cute!! oh my gosh if they sell them on ebay i'm going to go broke bidding on them.

a side note, project runway is very inspiring for my own designing. one weekend, i watched the entire season two in two days, and finished about 15 designs of my own over that time period! it was probably the most productive i've ever been.

byebye victorya, i hope you start your own line, i'll definitely be a fan =)


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