Thursday, December 27, 2007

moving back...

about 8 months ago, i moved from blogger to wordpress, seeking greener pastures, but with an eye on blogger beta. now that blogger is so much more user-friendly than before, i decided to finally pack up and move back here!

now if i can just figure out how to make the columns fatter...

please do change your bookmarks and feeds back to this blog! I will update more often and try not to move again!


i love bunnies

bunnies bring us joy! (these are not my bunnies, came across the video on youtube and they are irresistible!!)

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

new retailers, new buys, new designs, new sale and Happy New Year!

gosh has it been an EVER so long time since I blogged. i would so rather be figuring out a new design than to sit down and write for 15 minutes. i guess that is why some people who love to blog, blog (and do a damn good job of it!! i'm envious) and others do other things like make jewelry because honestly, I don't enjoy blogging at all. although i do enjoy connecting with you sweet folks one-on-one, through emails or etsy convos, and I like updating my etsy shop appearance to tell you what's going on, but I never think that I have enough news to fill a blog post! BUT, I think I've left this blog dormant for too long, and I don't want wordpress to shut me down... and, hopefully, my life is not so uninteresting that I still cannot fill a blog post after 3 months. =)

so, what is new? let's go in order. First, new boutique retailers for pequitobun! You can now shop pequitobun at Gateau Lingerie in Vancouver and Nova Juvel in Amsterdam. The shops are owned by very lovely ladies, and I am so delighted that they are stocking my designs. Abby at Gateau sent me a few pictures of their shop, they sell high end lingerie (and, how apt! all you need to feel dressed up is beautiful undergarments and some jewelry, yah? =)..) and I think that if I ever opened a pequitobun boutique it would resemble Gateau very much in feel- clean, neat, fresh and vintage! See for yourself:



So, if you live in Vancouver or Amsterdam, do drop by and take a look!

I also added a few online retailers, and you can now also shop pequitobun online at Modishoppe, HannahZakari, Stars and Infinite Darkness and CUT+PASTE. I also have a new Japanese web boutique retailer, her shop is still in the works... And, a Google search a while back turned up a Korean shop set up by a very nice customer of mine who bought a few items and is now selling them in her boutique (next to Anthropologie pieces! quite flattered but a little puzzled... don't you love Google? heehee).

So, pq is expanding a little quickly, but I hope I'll be able to supply everyone with the pieces they want.

Next, I of course have to share with you my Etsy BUYS!! I love shopping on Etsy, and I picked up a couple of really awesome things in the past few months. From most to least recent:

nana from sereneonion... SO ADORABLE!!


ultra rad vintage dress from ultraretro (i collect dresses more than wear them! lol):


super pretty scarf from begonia44


the warmest and most fabulous head accessory from gobbolino:


china from the genius who is trixiedelicious:


dreamy, awesome, rocking SHOES! from salvage life and ultraretro:

and, tons of vintage home furnishings like vases, carafes, mugs, glasses, etc etc!!

isn't everything lovely? =) *beaming*

Next, tons and tons of new designs in the past few months, of course... here are some of my favourites (well, I can say with sincerity that 95% of my pieces are my favourites, but here is a sampling! I'll place the emphasis on designs that are still available, do check out the shop for more designs):

painted flowers

sweetheart in goth

heaven is full of rosebuds

crown jewels- debutante

labour of love- warm in winter

red eyed and claws

victorian rocker haute- creme brulee

creme brulee

thinly veiled barbs

Also, for you sweet people who still read this blog after months of dormancy, a sneak preview of new designs to be added on January 1st:


Almost lastly, pequitobun's end of year sale will start soon for mailing list members, and on Dec 27 EST for everyone else. Do check pequitobun's shop announcement on Dec 27 for details!

Lastly, thank you with all my heart to everyone for a wonderful, creative and fun year. I really appreciate how Etsy and handmade have been so embraced by the community, and I can't thank my customers, fellow Etsy sellers and indie blogs like Modish enough for making this so enjoyable and rewarding.

Have a safe, happy and lovely holiday season, and a toast in advance to the new year! The love for designing goes on at pequitobun, so please do bookmark/RSS-feed and check in often. =)

Lots of love, hugs and kisses,


Saturday, August 11, 2007

spread the indie love: handpicked handmade goodies complimentary with all purchases!

For a while, I was subscribing to The Sampler, and a few customers who bought from me during that period obtained little free sample gifts with their purchases. I really enjoyed being able to thank my customers in this way, and so I decided to continue this by buying little samples from other Etsy shops! Many of the incredible folks at Etsy responded with really great ideas for samples, and I ended up buying quite a bit of yummy samples from a couple of shops. I chose items that I thought fit with the feel of my shop, were small and light, and that I hoped would be useful to my customers. I wish that I had enough moolah to buy something from everyone, but unfortunately, I had to stop myself from going too crazy. So, if you are a customer, from now on, you will get a little gift with any purchase over $25! If you have a preference, please indicate it in messages to seller, and I will try my best to accommodate you, although I can’t promise that your first choice will be available (plus, I kept a few for myself =P). So, here are the current actual available samples, in no particular order other than category and date they arrived at my place =) :

Body butter from BathLife:


Body butter from Sugar Lips:

Soy tea candle tealights from Dirty Bird Soaps:

Handmade fridge magnets from Jess Mattingly:

Printed notecards from Just Another Day:

Bath soaps from Lady of Luxury :


Bath soaps from shower treat soap

Bath soaps from My Secret Garden (mysgarden):

Bath soaps from A Breath of French Air:

Hand and body lotion from Right as Rain Creations:

Moisturising body lotion from Norma’s Bath and Body:

Aren’t they all gorgeous and amazing? I am constantly blown away by the amount of pride and love that Etsy sellers put into their shops, products and customer service, and am so proud to be part of this community!! I hope that my customers will love the little samples. Enjoy! =)


all set up

we're finally all set up in our new place! i spent some time worrying about how my new workspace is going to look... in our old place, my supplies took over the entire living room, so much so that we could never have guests over. =( Anyways, now the only part of my apartment that will be messy is the caged- in section of our bedroom with my nice antique mahogany desk workspace! Why is it caged? We figured that it'll maximise my time with pequito to have his home around my workspace! Sometimes I'm making stuff, and he's licking my feet with bunny kisses asking for attention. He's such a cutie!!

Anyways, lots of updates in my Etsy shop, so take a look! it takes more time than I currently have to add entries to my website, so I'll be adding new stuff mainly to the Etsy shop for now. Some favourites:

winter dewdrops.foliage

winter dewdrops.foliage

pearly perch
pearly perch

speak love

speak love

princess grace- allure
princess grace- allure

princess grace- pale smoke
princess grace- pale smoke

cotton candy
cotton candy


winter dewdrops- branches
winter dewdrops.branches

Also, time is quite overdue to pick the recipient of a free pair of my high-powered fashionista earrings, the free gift for August! For those who are not subscribed, I offer a free piece of jewelry to one person on my mailing list each month, so email me at to join the list if you would like to find out about sales, updates etc, as well as have a chance to win free pequitobun jewelry. =) The item for that month is usually posted on the front page of my website.

This month, the winner is unbreak****** I had my boyfriend say a number and that corresponded to the above email address when sorted alphabetically. (poor boy, he's building me an IKEA stepstool and they mislabelled the screws, so he had to start all over!!!). Please contact me to arrange for shipping! Thank you for reading, guys! Have a great weekend! I'll figure out soon which the free gift for September will be!


Sunday, March 25, 2007

New blog!

I set up a blog at Wordpress! I'm going to try to keep both blogs updated at the same time, but for now, you can hop over to

for current updates while I learn to navigate the new Blogger. =)

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