Friday, August 11, 2006

i heard blogger is user-friendly even for the computer illiterate

Hi everyone!

I (barely) started a blog over at myspace (add me! but I just couldn't increase the font size! I know it's supposed to be easy but I had copied the code from one of those free myspace code sites, and it is 3 pages long. I couldn't figure out where to change the font to make the darned blog font legible...

Enough of my woes. Bottom line: Blogger is supposed to be super user-friendly. Let me test it to its limits.

It is strangely liberating to write under a pseudonym. Well, it's not really a pseudonym because it's my line of jewellery. But still, I sort of am representing just one side of me, and I will be able to write freely about my crafting, and just that. I started a few "life" blogs, but somehow never really got into it. I think this will be different, this will be a way for me to share one side of me, a quieter side, with a world (or at least a few people...?) who will know me just for this side of me.

I'm excited! Let me tell you about me. I am a student by day and fledgling jewellery (or jewelry, depending on where you're from!!) designer by night. My line, pequitobun, is named after my sweet little holland lop bunny. I focus on vintage materials, and this was borne out of a need to create, and yet recycle.

How I work: I like to focus on one or two key eye-catching pieces, set them on my pink leopard print felt, pick out a bunch of other things that might look good with them, move them around and around and around until I am satisfied with the arrangement, add some chains, switch up the metals (I love copper right now), hang them up, set them down, step 10 feet back, and finally, I might be pleased and turn in for a good night's satisfied sleep. It's addictive.

I know most designers have a "look". But I can't. I thought about it, but I love so many styles, and creating new shapes, I love colours, I love to match and clash, I love different metals, patinas, lucite, glass.... so, I think it'll just have to be lots of things that I love. No "look".

Ok, till next time, my invisible audience. Please feel free to email me at with comments, and especially if you would like to sign up for my mailing list!

To shop pequitobun, click here pequitobun.jpg

Etsy is awesome, by the way. Definitely click on the above to check it out even if you don't want to check out my shop (boy and I crafty, I'm tricking you to click on it anyways! =)
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