Friday, June 08, 2012

Thursday, June 07, 2012

A little catch up

The site has gone live and after lots of tweaking I think I've finally worked out all the bugs! Many thanks to Chris at Aeolidia for his hard work with the coding. I also gave my lab meeting in May, which was the first one I had given in 5 months, and so a considerable amount of stress was associated with May. But, projects in the lab are going well, two students are coming to work with me in the next few months, and I'm really psyched about one of my projects. :)

After lab meeting and site launch, it happened that I had a vacation planned for May 19th. I bought the tickets last July during a massive sale, and the dates just worked out perfectly! We lazed on Surin Beach near Phuket, and it was a perfect time to recharge...

Sorry, I'm reading Sookie Stackhouse! I, er..., had already finished reading my more intellectual books...;) Got to catch up for the upcoming seasons of True Blood, you know.

Our hotel overlooking Surin Beach was so lovely! There is a tub on the left that we spent some time lazing around in as well.

Actually, this wasn't our first beach vacation in May... we were visiting my husband's uncle in China (my first time there!) and it happened to be his girlfriend's birthday that weekend, so he flew us all to Sanya for a beach getaway.... it was really nice to meet his uncle and he proposed while we were there!  

We could get into the private beach of Banyan Tree by buying some food and drink there... totally worth it!

Now, back to reality... no vacations planned until September when we go back to Chile... unless maybe there is another massive sale on air tickets...?

sherry xo

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

New pequitobun site is LIVE!!

A big thank you to Sarah and Chris at Aeolidia for their hard work in making this beautiful new site come to live!!!

Please stop by and have a peek! :)

Friday, April 27, 2012

Almost here: Brand new site!

For the past two months the folks at Aeolidia have been hard at work designing a brand new site for pequitobun! I love the new look, and am so looking forward to unveiling it (just a few more days!!).

There will be new designs on top of the new look, but not only that, I am also excited about the new features that I hope will make shopping a better experience.

My favourite new feature is a new rewards program that will give customers pqCarats or reward dollars to use in their next purchase! (Carats a play on carrots, which my bunnies pequito and pumita love hoho).

Also, categories will be sortable by price or date added, and you can also zoom in on images to see the details. Lastly, PayPal will be a payment option for greater security.

I am almost done with testing on the site. Can't wait!!!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

MAAD market!

I was very much looking forward to my very first MAAD (Market of Artists and Designers) market here in Singapore. Back in the US, where I started designing jewelry in 2006, I had done several craft and artisan markets, including fantastic events like the BUST Craftacular in NYC, the Boston Bazaar Bizarre, the Cambridge Design Hive and the fun outdoor South End Open market. I missed doing markets; the buzz in the atmosphere, the feeling of shared camaraderie of a kind of underground movement, meeting like minded people, lots of talented artists and really sweet people who took the time to come out to support independent artisans. As a designer, it often wasn't about making sales at these markets (although of course you hope to make enough to cover your booth fee and travel costs), it was to feel inspired by the wider community, to meet customers in person for a more personalised experience; and even if a shopper doesn't buy anything, them giving the jewelry a compliment (sorry, I'm very needy lol), or them taking a namecard, gave me a warm fuzzy feeling that I am often unable to experience when someone buys from my online shop. (That's maybe why I love it every time my customers write to me!)

To be honest, I wasn't too sure what to expect, as I had done just one fair in Singapore earlier this year (not MAAD), which was very expensive and so poorly attended, I wondered if perhaps Singapore just wasn't too much yet into the craft scene. But, it could also be that it wasn't the right audience for me, and so when I heard about MAAD, I thought I had to give it a try. Original designs, art, live music, beer and wine? What's not to like?

Indeed, MAAD was so much fun and I'm so glad that I did it. It was very well organised (so important when there are so many stalls to manage and so many people to please- Great job Elvin and the rest of the team!), the location (Red Dot Museum) was convenient and lovely (what an honour to show our designs in a museum!), the live music was great and really added to the atmosphere, the homemade icecream and cupcakes were fantastic (homemade unique treats reminds me of farmers' markets!), plenty of beer and wine gave it a fun, festive atmosphere, and, most importantly, there were many great artists and designers in residence and sweet, fun shoppers!


There were many cute things that tempted me, and I finally decided to get this adorable, well-made pouch from Wishing Wiffle for my sister:

Adorable handmade pouch from Wishing Wiffle... cuuute!

 I know that Singapore has tons of great unique design talent, but I also know from growing up here that locals don't necessarily put a big premium on individuallyhandcrafted/handmadeness/shoplocal yet like they do in the US. Markets here are often thought of as flea markets/pasar malams, and perhaps many other local designers might feel like a night out like this might not be worth their time. I was also a little reticent, but was pleasantly surprised! I made some good sales, and many of the shoppers showed genuine interest, took lots of biz cards, were so kind and so sweet about my designs, and often circled back to take a second look. Thank you!! I had so much fun I applied for a booth in January and will try to be back as often as I can.

View from behind my booth- awesome band playing in front!

As a related aside, I think that the movement can only keep growing if the market keeps attracting high quality booths. At many markets that I have attended, many amazing artists and designers with their own brick and mortar stores would set up booths to meet new shoppers and spread the word about their work. I am glad that the curators at MAAD have emphasised no resellers, and I hope that they keep on ensuring that this cardinal rule is followed, as I have been to other markets where I see things that are clearly mass-market bought stuff that are passed off as handmade to resell, which only hurts real crafters if shoppers buy something"original and handmade" in a designer market only to go to Plaza Singapura and see the identical thing with a big fat Made in China sticker on it!

Singapore has become such a vibrant, fun city to live in during the 9 years that I have been away, with cute bookstores and bakeries on Ann Siang Hill, offbeat cafes and restaurants on Duxton Hill, no-pretense and laidback bars on Dunlop Street, indie boutiques from Tiong Bahru to Haji Lane, not to mention awesome vintage furniture and home decor stores that feed my obsession with everything vintage... I am so happy to have found a fantastic art, design and craft market like MAAD that adds to the vibrancy of the scene, and I hope that other designers will join in the fun, and that shoppers will keep coming back to support it. Big thanks to the MAAD organisers for their hard work in making this monthly market happen, and happen so well!

(MAAD attracts cool people like mohawk guy!)

sherry xo

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Experimenting with photography

I've wanted for a long time to take lightbox style pictures of my jewelry. Finally, a few weeks ago I started doing more research into building a lightbox and trying out different settings on my camera. I'm not getting very good results yet with pieces with a lot of detail, but chunky pieces are doing quite well in my setup.

It's still a work in progress, but I think I'm slowly getting there!

Saturday, November 26, 2011


I love my bunnies!
Here is Pumita doing her thing, cautious as usual and ready to flee at any sign of danger.

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